The Amazing Kiwi

Kiwi need all the help they can get, to survive in this world dominated by mammals. I want to share how awesome these birds are, and why they need our help.

What else can I do

There is loads you can do to help save kiwi - check out some of the ideas below.

Control Predators

Kiwi are susceptible to several predators introduced to New Zealand in our past; ferrets, possums, dogs, cats and enemy #1: the stoat. If you live in a rural area or near forest, have a predator control plan for your little piece of paradise. If you need a hand on how you could control predators where you live, check out some practical ideas and plans at Predator Free NZ.

Other animal pests, such as hedgehogs, rodents and weasels, may not kill kiwi, but they also cause problems. First, they compete for the same food as kiwi. Second, they are prey for the same animals that attack kiwi, helping to keep the number of predators high.

Check out this news footage below about what can happen if a dog is loose in a kiwi area:

All dogs, regardless of size, breed, training or temperament are potential kiwi killers. A dog can kill a kiwi by just giving it a playful push.

Do the right thing with your Rubbish!

Kiwi are very curious creatures and have been known to eat all kinds of strange things including metals which can pierce their stomach lining and cause death. Be a tidy kiwi and dispose of your rubbish in a safe way

Visit a Sanctuary

There are dozens of kiwi projects around New Zealand including both community based and privately run ventures, and often the two collaborate. There are several ways to help:

  • Visit a sanctuary - the entry fee normally directly supports that project
  • Make a donation - many sanctuaries get little or no funding from the government so your small contribution really helps!
  • Volunteer your time - there are often working bees or other ways to help, without having to get your wallet out

Join Quest for Kiwi

Join the Quest for Kiwi and let us know what signs of kiwi you discover. Everyone from experts to novices are welcome to join in.

There are many ways to identify kiwi – from their calls, feathers, probe holes, burrows, poo or footprints. Take your smartphone or camera with you so that you can record the evidence, then upload it to the Quest for Kiwi page.